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Rubrics  Assessment

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Rubrics / assessment


Bernajean Porter's Digitales Site 

  • Click on "Evaluating Projects"
  • Explore "Digital Media Scoring Guides"
    • Select the type of digital story that students will create
    • Select the criteria that will be assessed
      • HINT: What do you want students to know and be able to do? What will you teach, specifically?
    • Click "Submit Query" for a print-ready rubric

Educational Origami Storboard Rubric


Intel Education's "Assessing Projects"

  • Create an account and explore "Workplace"
    • Go to "Performances" - "Multimedia Presentations"
    • Go to "Products" - "Videos"
    • Explore "Assessment Strategies" - formative assessments in "Monitoring Progress"



  • Click on "Multimedia"
    • Check out "Digital Storytelling"
    • Check out "Scott County Digital Storytelling"
    • Check out "Storyboard-multimedia


Assessing the 21st C skills - some sample rubrics


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