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Storyboarding Resources

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Digital Storytelling


The Process; Storyboarding




This station is focused on the process of creating a digital story.

  1. Writing
  2. Script
  3. The Storyboard
  4. Locating Multimedia
  5. Creating the digtial story
  6. Share 


Storyboarding Resources

Below are some storyboards we found, however feel free to surf the internet for others.


Also keep in mind the The Seven Elements of Digital Storytelling  as you plan and build your digital story.


Templates that support Adobe Voice App


Make Up My Own Storyboard.pdf

Explain Something Storyboard.pdf

Follow a Heros Journey Storyboard.pdf

Share a Growth Moment Storyboard.pdf

Promote an Idea Storyboard.pdf

Share an Invitation Storyboard.pdf

Teach a Lesson Storyboard.pdf

Show and Tell Storyboard.pdf

Tell What Happened Storyboard.pdf



Tutorial on how to storyboard - Click on "Making a Storyboard"


Print a storyboard:  PhotostoryStoryboard.pdf

Photo Story Storyboard - portrait 2 sided


Print a storyboard: digitalStorytellingStoryBoard.doc


STORYBOARD TEMPLATE.doc  - This template was created for Pine Creek students and is used by them for their Short Film and Television Production classes.

Karen J. Lloyd's free templates at www.karenjlloyd.com/blog/free-storyboard-template-downloads


Storyboard with partner(s)













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