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Voicethread Samples

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Place a comment on this voicethread: http://voicethread.com/share/207452/


Examples Shared in Class:


Three Little Pigs


Choose Your Own Adventure


Self-illustrated Story


Telling Stories with Primary Sources


Here are some ideas for digital storytelling with primary sources from Mary Johnson's new book: Primary Source Teaching the Web 2.0 Way K-12 (Linworth: 2009):

  • Invite a professional storyteller to tell stories and give storytelling tips.
  • Create a digital history of the community.
  • Create a graphic novel with historic photographs and comic callouts using ToonDoo, Comic  Life (purchased software), or another comic creation tool.
  • Illustrate an original work of historical fiction using Scrapblog and primary source images.
  • Interview an elderly friend or family member using questions from StoryCorps, edit sound track, add music and transitions, add images of artifacts or photographs.
  • Research and record stories about places in the community and link the stories to a map of the community (called StoryMapping). Add short interviews with community members.


Other Voicethread Examples:



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